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"Coach Audet has the unique ability to get your body & mind ready to compete at the highest level. His training is built on positive reinforcement and he is with you every step of the way. He has the experience, the knowledge and the dedication to help you achieve your goal...all you need to bring with you is a positive attitude and your work ethic! Thanks to coach Audet I played 9yrs of professional football in the can too if you put the work in!" Marc Parenteau 2007 & 2012 Grey Cup Champion

Marc is now a Real-Estate Agent in the Ottawa Area and if you click on his name, you will get his coordonnates.

Jean-Philippe Bérard

"Coach Audet is very important to me. His teachings and transmission of values not only helped me with my football career, but also for my school, professional and personal life. With the help of Coach Audet, I developed a work ethic, a sense of priorities and a pleasure in learning. While respecting my values, nothing but positive has come from my relationship with coach. Do not hesitate to contact coach Audet, his advice will help you and enable you to reach your potential!"

Jean-Philippe is in his fourth year at the Université de Sherbrooke.

Steeve Piché

"The presence of Coach Audet made a big difference in my life. He was my coach for 3 years, while I was on the verge of becoming a man. Certainly he helped me to become a better football player and a more complete athlete. He enabled me to understand that there is a fusion between body and mind, essential to any athlete who wishes to perform. Even today, 15 years after our coach-athlete relationship started, I still use and apply the principles he instilled in me at the time. I would not be a marathoner at 35 years of age if Coach Audet had not been around when I was 17. Beyond the many physical benefits, it is his philosophy of life that marks me most. Having goals and accomplishing your dreams, believing in yourself, activating passions and transmitting love, are not clichés when you are lucky enough to have Coach Audet in your life!"

Steeve is a physical education teacher, father of two beautiful kids and a loving husband.

William R. Langlais

"I first met coach Chris in 2009 at the beginning of my Cegep career. The first thing I noticed was is positive attitude and the energy that he was bringing. He’s a man who live's life to the fullest and it reflects threw his motivational skills. He understands the relationship between the mind, the body and the spirit and has helped me exceed my goals in the training room. My first year of Cegep I weighed 190 pounds and when I left 3 years later, I was 245 pounds and I managed to keep my speed and agility. Coach Audet was always there for his players on and off the field and he played a major role, not only in my football career, but also in my life. I’m a 100% sure he can help you too if you have the will to work hard and if you want to better yourself as an athlete and a human being!"

Wiliam is currently in his second season with the Calgary Stampeders.

Jean-Philippe Asselin

"Christian is someone I have always respected. He's always concerned by the welfare of the human beings around him and is able to motivate, teach and mentor people he works with. If you have the chance to work with Christian, whatever the context, you will leave enriched and with a surprised clarity that will enable you to move from reflection to action!"

Jean-Philippe is presently the offensive-coordinator with the Carleton Univeristy Ravens.

Jamall Hyman Hamilton

"I am truly honored to have been coached by Chris. Not only because I learned more from him about the game and as a running back in one season, than I have my entire football career, the great things he taught all the running backs, but more than anything, his ability to get us to trust him, to trust in us and motivate us to perform at the best of our ability. His words moved me, they were always passionate or a lesson to be learned. He never really just spoke just to speak. It gives me chills to think about all the great things that could have happened if we had been together for many years or if Chris was the head coach of a university program himself. I believe he would be one of the best ones for the job, and any team would excel under the leadership of this great man!"

Jamall is in his second year with the Gaiters.

Éric Poirier

"My son was at a critical stage in his life when he was coached by Coach Chris. He went through the transition from boyhood and manhood, far from home, alone in a new city and with a new team. It was not easy, for us parents, to let him go at 16 years old. However, although bumpy, this course has been a determining factor in the life of my son and in understanding who he is and who he aspires to be. More importantly, Coach Chris has had an impact on all of our family. For myself, it allowed me to discover some aspects of my past life that limited me. Being conscious, enables us to evolve! His love for human being is contagious. Chris has had a significant impact on most of the players who he worked with, on and off the field. Coach, for those who interact with you, thank you for your commitment. Your passion for people, your respect for individuals and your knowledge about team sport and the impact it has on the development of athletes, make you a valuable asset to any organization, family and individual!"

Éric is presntly the Defensive coordinator of the Midget Wildcats of l'Association Régionale Football Laurentides Lanaudière, President of l'Association Régionale Football Laurentides Lanaudière, Entrepreneur, husband and father of three children.

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