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 These mentorship programs offer you the motivation, the support and the tools to unlock the door to your greatness.

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Coach Audet
Wanna be great?

Coach Audet

Christian Audet is a mentor and has helped many athletes surpass the mental barriers keeping them from reaching their full potential. Playing football ignited the desire to help others and eventually becoming a coach, which influenced him in his academic endeavours. He graduated from Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology in Sports Administration while completing his NCCP levels 1 and 2 at the same time and is now a certified Level 3 coach. His childhood provided him many opportunities to learn about people and life. Reading many books and attending personal development seminars, helped him acquire precious knowledge and catapulted his coaching and speaking careers. He has presented conferences to different groups on various topics such as; motivation, customer service and well-being. Christian has also attended many clinics and conferences at Division 1 Universities and professional football teams. He currently lives in St-Odilon-de-Cranbourne with his daughter.


As a coach; He helps athletes train towards achieving their full potential. He works closely to improve performance by identifying needs, planning and guiding to suitable training programmes to develop physical and psychological fitness.


As a motivator; He fuels human beings with the energy needed to reach

their destinations.


As a counselor; He listens and guides human beings in seeing the

beautiful in all aspects of life.


A mentor is someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less

experienced and often younger person. Coach Audet as touched many hearts

and helped many in realizing their purpose.


Coaching Experiences:

Polyvalente de St-Georges, Offensive Line Coach

Cegep de St-Jérôme, Head-Coach

Bishop’s University, RB’s

Cegep Beauce-Appalaches, Head-Coach

University of Ottawa, RB’s

Champlain College Lennoxville, Offensive Coordinator

Cegep Sorel-Tracy, Head-Coach

École Secondaire Curé-Antoine-Labelle, Head-Coach

Cegep Montmorency, Head-Coach

Laval-Nord Vikings, Head-Coach

Cegep André-Grasset, Offensive Coordinator

1995 to 2000 Penn State University Football School

2000 to 2002 Michigan State University Football School

2004 to 2005 Bishop’s University Football School

2009 Boston College Football School

2010 to 2012 Rutgers University Football School


Clinics attended:

1994 to 1996 Notre-Dame University Football Coaches Clinic

1995 to 2000 Penn State University Football Coaches Clinic

1997 Boston College Football Coaches Clinic

1999 University of Michigan Football School

2000 Syracuse University Football Coaches Clinic

2001 Frank Glazier Coaches Clinic, Atlantic City

2001 to 2012 New-York Giants training camp

2002 Frank Glazier Coaches Clinic, Boston

2003 Frank Glazier Coaches Clinic, Boston

2004 Nike Coach of The Year Clinic, Pittsburgh

2007 Buffalo Bills training camp


Speaking engagements:

2010 Motivation and leadership for CIMIC teachers

2010 Motivation and teamwork for CIMIC students

2010 Customer service for RBC

2013 Canada Football Chat Clinic, RB’s

2014 Canada Football Chat Clinic, RB’s

2014 Teamwork for Cégep Beauce-Appalaches

2014 Teamwork for B2C Auto Inc.

2014 Motivation for Séminaire des Pères Maristes


Wanna be great?

These attributes are necessary and can be mastered!

The Mind
  • Agressiveness

  • Attitude

  • Concentration

  • Confidence

  • Competitiveness

  • Determination

  • Discipline

  • Enthusiasm

  • Focus

  • Leadership

  • Time management

  • Tolerance for pain

  • Toughness

The Body
  • Agility

  • Cardiovascular

  • Core

  • Explosiveness

  • Fat loss

  • Lateral movement

  • Mass gain

  • Nutrition

  • Power

  • Recovery

  • Sleep

  • Speed

  • Strength

The Soul
  • Beliefs

  • Dreams

  • Entity

  • Goals

  • Love

  • Purpose

Many factors will guide you away from your dreams and fear is an important one. These factors will impose limits and discourage you from realizing your purpose. Coach Audet can help you identify and overcome these factors. Also, provide you the tools to acheive mastery in the above.



If you are reading these words, you trusted and followed your instincts. Congradulations!


It's your time to shine. Let's get to work!


A plan that describes your dream, the why, the path, a timeframe with realistic goals, the ressources available and the other options, is needed. Coach Audet can help you develop your plan and provide you the knowledge to help you execute it.


All you need to do is write a message to Coach Audet at the top of this page. He will reply and guide you through the following steps.


Be reassured, that any information shared will remain confidential.


Coach Audet was once in a similar pair of shoes and he was fortunate to have great human beings guide him through the realization of his dreams.

You are only a few minutes away from the support you need to succeed. With todays technology, the communications can easily occur virtually, by phone, email or in person.


Look in the mirror, that's your competition. Start walking the walk you talk!

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